Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clare Higgins- Hellraiser (1987)

Hello film kids! I apologize this entry being so late in the day. Sitting down to write a blog entry while watching Hoarders. Sitting, mouth agape, you become incapable of doing anything else, as you watch these individuals attempt to fix their horrific living situations. Anyway, back to the real subject here. Today's Woman of Horror is Clare Higgins from the classic Hellraiser (Barker, 1987).


This little gem of a horror picture introduced to world to hellish legion of Cenobites that are led by Pinhead. When I first saw this film, I remember being very disappointed that Pinhead was only in the film for around 10 minutes. To many, this may be a drawback, but I have come to greatly appreciate this film. The main reason for that is the role of Julia, played by Clare Higgins.


Julia is cheating on her husband with Frank. When Frank gets sucked into Hell, he escapes and returns to Julia as a creature that must kill to regain human flesh. The relationship between Julia and Frank prior to his brief stay in Hell, is hot and heavy to the extreme. The tie is so close that when he returns, Julia brings victims to his attic for him to kill. You have to respect a woman that is that dedicated to her adulterous relationship.


Clare Higgins adds a level of sensuality and class to the field of brutal murder that is very rarely captured on screen. With countless terrible sequels, Pinhead has been dragged through the dirt, but it is heartening to know that the original Hellraiser is still incredibly effective, Higgins' performance in particular.

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