Monday, October 10, 2011

Rachel Nichols- P2 (2007)

Today, film kids, we're visiting a little known horror film from 2007. While most were visiting the abysmal Rob Zombie Halloween remake, a few horror buffs enjoyed this hidden gem. Unfortunately, I was not introduced to P2 (Khalfoun, 2007) until it's DVD release. In honor of it, today's Woman of Horror is Rachel Nichols.


We all know that parking garages are regularly featured in the horror genre. For the most part, however, one a few short scenes are included, whether someone is being abducted or killed. That is where P2 differs from the rest. The entirety of it is set in this terrifying parking garage. While that may not sound like the most engaging of plots, P2 delivers the goods and more.


This minimalist approach to horror works very well, and is far more effective than the special-effect-driven garbage we are given time after time. Nichols' Angela is a strong-willed woman that goes head to head with a very creepy Wes Bentley. Bentley's Thomas is a fantastic villain, and made this film stick out even more. Nichols proves that the days of the intelligent and determined female horror protagonist are not gone, and that they are here to stay (as long as Paris Hilton never acts in a horror film again!).


While this film may be set at Christmas time, there is no better time to enjoy it than in October! This is probably one that most missed out on originally, but is definitely worth a look!

Come on back tomorrow for the next awesome Woman of Horror!

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