Friday, October 14, 2011

Adrienne Barbeau- The Fog (1980)

And we're back. Today, we take a trip back to the early horror reign of John Carpenter. We're taking a look at The Fog (Carpenter, 1980), which features classic performances from several key horror genre figures, including Stevie Wayne, played by Adrienne Barbeau.


Rather than viewing that incredibly unnecessary and poorly executed remake, pop in this horror classic as you're counting down to Halloween. Carpenter's original features legitimate scares that recall his masterpiece, Halloween (Carpenter, 1978). Jamie Lee Curtis returns in a decent performance, but it is Barbeau's Stevie that takes the center stage. Stevie is a strong-willed single mother that puts herself in great danger so she can warn the town about the movement of the fog.


Barbeau's strong performance is very effective and proves to be the strongest character in the film. It was great to see Nancy Loomis in another Carpenter film, and Janet Leigh is great as always. So, when you're making a rental decision this month, return to 1980 for this original horror class. It's on the Netflix Instant Watch, as well.

Check back tomorrow for another Ultimate Woman of Horror!

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