Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cathy Moriarty- Casper (1995)

Now, most of you film kids are probably scoffing at today's Ultimate Woman of Horror, saying that Casper (Siberling, 1995) isn't exactly a horror movie, and you might be right to some degree. However, as a child of the 90's, I will go to my grave defending this film with everything I have. I remember, as May of 1995 was rolling around. Coming off a solid kick of The Lion King in 1994, Casper would prove to be a film that I saw a total of five times in the theatre with various kids from the neighborhood. So, in honor of this childhood favorite of mine, I am adding Cathy Moriarty to the list of Ultimate Horror Women.


Here is a woman known for her classic performances in films like Raging Bull (Scorsese, 1980), adding a bit of credibility and class to this family horror comedy. Moriarty's Carrigan Crittenden is a down right bitch. She is vilified to such an extent that she has no interest in the death of her father other than the contents of his will. Moriarty gloriously personifies camp in such a gleeful manner that watching her onscreen is the highlight of the film for me. For most, the relationship between Casper and Kat (Christina Ricci) would be the focal point of the film. For me, even as a child, the role of Carrigan and her abusive relationship towards Dibbs (Eric Idle) took all of my attention.


True, this film is not the best made film of the 90's, but it is one of the classic staples of my childhood, and I am letting that emotional attachment earn Moriarty a place on this list. The presence of ghostly Carrigan is also incredibly entertaining. Casper is airing on pretty much every network at least once a week as Halloween is so close, so be sure to sit down with your Halloween candy and bask in all of its campy glory. Some of it is a bit sad, but what film from our childhoods doesn't at least one character dealing with the death of a family member. This, along with Hocus Pocus (Ortega, 1993) are always at the top of my list at the end of October.


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