Friday, October 28, 2011

Lina Leandersson- Let The Right One In (2008)

With Let The Right One In (Alfredson, 2008) and its American remake Let Me In (Reeves, 2010), the vampiric horror film has made its way to the top of the horror genre again, showing that vampires can still be scary despite Stephanie Meyer's attempt to strip them of all power. In honor of the resurrection of the epic vampire horror film, the Ultimate Woman of Terror of the day is the young Lina Leandersson from Let The Right One In.


Following in the steps of Kirsten Dunst from Interview With The Vampire (Jordan, 1994), Leandersson portrays a powerful vampire who still looks like a young child. Eli relies on her caretaker to supply her with blood from victims he kills, but ultimately takes the task into her own hands.


Brought over from Sweden, this gritty horror film raises the bar for vampire horror, a genre that has been stale for over a decade. Leandersson's performance, along with her co-stae Kåre Hedebrant, is daring and very impressive for such young actors. She truly captures the role and makes it her own, adding a level of vulnerability and violent innocence that make Eli so effective.


At first, I was worried about the American remake of this soon-to-be horror classic, but after viewing it, I was surprised to see that it almost lives up to the original. The cast may not be as good, but the story is just as effective. There was one scene that I was glad did not translate to the American screen, and if you've seen the Swedish film, you'll clearly know the one I'm talking about. Without giving anything away, the original would have been pitch perfect if one single shot would have been left out. But, regardless, Leandersson is a promising talent to be sure, and I greatly look forward to seeing where her advanced acting abilities take her.

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