Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gloria Charles- Friday the 13th: Part 3 (1982)

While many have very little respect for the Friday the 13th franchise, I personally thoroughly enjoy it, and think that more attention should be paid to some of the women that were cast in it. Today, the spotlight is on Gloria Charles, who played Fox in Friday the 13th: Part 3 (Miner, 1982).


Fox is a member of a small gang that stirs up trouble around Crystal Lake. Whether she is vigorously enforcing proper manners in the general store or exploring the barn where Jason has been hiding, Charles' performance commands the screen for the few moments that she inhabits it. Gloria Charles provides a really entertaining performance that manages to outshine all of the other actors, with the exception of "Final Girl" Chris Higgins (played by Dana Kimmell). Her true nature shines through her tough exterior in the scene where she is walking around the barn, and the viewer sees more than the bad girl that Fox pretends to be.


Part 3 reinvigorated the franchise by adding a new dimension to the terror. This gimmick worked very well, as the film grossed twice it's production cost in the first weekend alone. Part 3 was also the first picture in which Jason donned his now iconic hockey mask. Before, his acts had been hidden behind a simple sack over his head.

In 2009, a documentary was released about the entire Friday the 13th franchise. His Name Was Jason features a really fun segment where Charles gives the viewer a tour of the famous barn set from Part 3 where her character met Jason. It was a nice moment for fans of the franchise, and gave Charles a chance to return to the set of her first acting job. Her excitement in her interview can be seen in the still below, and this alone earns her a place on this list. Charles is an inspiration for secondary characters in the horror genre, proving that they can, in fact, take all of the attention away from the main cast.


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