Sunday, October 16, 2011

Connie Britton- American Horror Story

Now, as you're reading this, you're probably saying, "Hey! That show's only been on for two episodes! How can it have made that much of an impression already?" And usually, you would be correct. It is incredibly rare for a TV show to work so well after being on for so short a time. American Horror Story proves to be a fascinating take on the haunted house mythology that has been used time and time again in the horror genre.


While it may owe much of its form to films like Amityville and The Shining (Kubrick, 1980), American Horror Story is incredibly original, and through its unique performances is able to instill a great sense of suspense and dread. By far, my favorite actor in the show is Connie Britton. I was rather unaware of her career until I saw her work in Women in Trouble (Gutierrez, 2009), an interesting independent film with rich performances by Britton and Carla Gugino. Here, Britton is the mother of a family that moves into a large house where countless murders have been committed.


Britton brings a level of class and grace to the show, which greatly complements the strange and creepy performance of Jessica Lange. The relationship between Britton and Dylan McDermott is particularly interesting. The creators have built an incredibly capable ensemble here, with everyone turning in excellent performances. Additionally, the set design of the house fits the dark and horrific tone of the series perfectly. It's great to see creator Ryan Murphy return to his mature FX home.


Britton's Vivien Harmon is a very strong woman who is able to protect her family when their safety is threatened. American Horror Story is an incredibly riveting and involving series, and I greatly look forward to see how it develops.

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