Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nancy Kyes- Halloween (1978)

I'm really excited for today's addition to the Ultimate Women of Horror list. Halloween (Carpenter, 1978) remains my favorite horror film of all time. There is no other film that can capture that sense of suspense for me, time after time. So, in honor of this horror classic, I present the Horror Woman of the Day: Nancy Kyes.


The character of Annie Brackett is one of the most entertaining elements of the Carpenter classic. The majority of the comedy in the film is provided by Kyes, and her performance ranks her above all of Michael Myer's other victims over the course of the franchise. Annie is one of Laurie Strode's best friends, and is always encouraging Laurie to leave the life of single girl behind and get a boyfriend. While Annie may be the comic relief of the film, she also puts her own life in jeopardy by pawning off the young girl she's babysitting on Laurie so she can spend time with her boyfriend.


In doing this, in addition to smoking pot earlier in the film, Annie violates several slasher film rules and is soon at the mercy of Michael, himself. While most horror films that follow Halloween feature incredibly dislikable female characters that are attacked one by one, this film features two that, while breaking the rules of the genre, are still very enjoyable and entertaining. Along with PJ Soles, who played Laurie's friend Linda, Kyes added a new level to the film through Carpenter and Debra Hill's dialogue. While the dialogue may seem a bit cheesy and dated today, it is a product of it's time and adds a great level of charm to the film.


Halloween is the definitive slasher film, in my book, and through its incorporation of such interesting secondary characters, creates a more interesting and more enjoyable viewing experience. Interestingly enough, Kyes also plays a part in Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Wallace, 1982).

Come back tomorrow for another exciting addition to the Ultimate Women of Horror!

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